Olympic Riding & Equestrian Farm (O.R.E.F)


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Riding Lessons


O.R.E.F allows horse lovers to volunteer and learn horse riding & Dressage. Children and Adults can  learn to ride with champions in specially designed circular riding arenas which give extreme security and safety to beginners as there is no way a horse can run and escape from these arenas.  Experienced riders can ride in the Olympic sized outdoor Dressage arena or in the bigger indoor arena.

We have a strict selection criteria for our volunteer riders. Each candidate is personally screened by Mr. Modi. Volunteers must have great compassion for animals and must have a strong ethical-moral compass. 

Riding Dress: All volunteers (horse riders)  are required to wear breeches or tight 
jeans with boots/sneakers. Shorts/loose pants/slippers/sandles are not allowed. Helmets must be worn. Students can use the helmets available at the riding academy.

Outline of a Beginners Riding Session: A Riding session is for 45 minutes. Respect for horses is of paramount importance to us. Each riding lesson will include the following (depending upon the goal of the student and his/her proficiency level)

  • how to groom/saddle a horse with the help of a supervisor
  • how to mount and dismount a horse
  • emergency manouvres (how to safely stop and dismount a horse when a a rider gets scared or a horse suddenly gets scared)
  • how to sit on a horse (the correct riding position)
  • how to use every body part (hands , legs, seat, weight, back etc) to ensure that each body part works   independently and in harmony to give the correct aids   (signals) to the horse.
  • how to walk, trot and canter a horse (Depending upon the level and proficiency of the student)
  • horse anatomy, physiology and psychology.
  • how to handle a horse on the ground.
  • how to bathe a horse.

Fees: O.R.E.F is a non commercial private farm of Kapil Modi, we don't charge any fees.

Riders can learn to ride by voluntary donations towards the upkeep of our animals and facility. 
Please email info@horseriding.in for more information.

Timings: O.R.E.F is open 6 Days a week for its volunteers. 
Tuesday - Sunday
First Session: 4.30 – 5.15 PM
Second Session: 5.30 – 6.15 PM
Morning Session on Saturday – Sunday are available by special request.
Night Riding Sessions (7pm-9pm) are also available by special request.